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Ikejime is the Japanese technique of neutralizing the nervous system of a fish in order to avoid  pain  and enhance the quality of the flesh of the fish, keeping it as fresh as possible.

These authentic Ikejime kits have been designed in Fukuoka Japan by Lumica Corp who have over 42 years of experience building high-quality fishing products. Their Ikejime Kits have been field-tested with commercial anglers for durability while being designed for ease of use for the recreational angler.

Instructions for use: Before paralyzing the fish, cut the gills to drain the blood. Blood will not come out once the body is paralyzed. Insert the needle in the middle of the eyes, a little higher, 30 degrees above the level, and the body of the fish will contract. Then insert the wire into the needle to paralyse the nervous system, the body will contract and stop moving. put the fish in ice water and the flesh will stay fresh.

  • HIGHEST QUALITY MEAT PRESERVATION: Ikejime is a technique that dates back over 2300 years. It is the most humane way to kill a fish and by removing the ATP (Adenosine Tri Phospate) production in the spine after death, the umami flavour and fish texture remain the highest quality.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY TYPE OF FISH: This Ikejime Kit works for all fish species including but not limited to Halibut, Wahoo, Tuna, Dorado (mahi mahi), Ulua, Cobia, Amberjack, Yellowtail, Red Drum, and more!
  • Three sizes: Medium, Long and Extra Long will handle any species up to and including Giant Bluefin Tuna.


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