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Shipping Information

We ship within the UK by first class post as this has proven to be both reliable and economical. For a small extra charge we can ship by overnight Courier service.

We ship international orders by either first class air mail or by air courier service. Prices are set out below.


First class mail




Europe (excluding Scandinavia)

We will ship to any country within the European Union (excluding Scandinavia) except Italy by either air mail or air courier service. Due to large numbers of claims for missing parcels we will only ship to Italy by air courier service

First class airmail

14 UK Pounds

Courier 4 – 5 days

24 UK Pounds

Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland)

First class airmail

16 UK Pounds

Air courier 4 – 5 days

35 UK Pounds

USA & Canada

The US Department of Homeland Security will not currently permit inbound parcel mail to travel on passenger aircraft and is scanning packages individually on arrival in the US. This is causing delays in postal delivery. We have reluctantly decided that as long as this situation exists we should ship to the USA by air courier service at a cost of US$30.00. You can choose to ship by air mail at a cost of 17.50 US Dollars but we would be unable to consider any claim for lost or delayed delivery until 8 weeks have elapsed from the date of shipping.

Air mail 1 – 4 weeks

17.50 US Dollars

Air courier 4 – 5 days

30.00 US Dollars

Rest of world (excluding USA & Africa)

We can only ship to the following countries by air courier service; Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

First class air mail

17.50 US Dollars

Air courier 4 – 5 days

40 US Dollars


First class air mail

30.00 US Dollars

Air courier 5 – 7 days

50 US Dollars

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