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Basic Haywire Twist & Barrel Wraps

1) Form a loop of the required size in the wire. If attaching a hook or swivel, thread the wire through the eye.

Hold the loop between the first finger and thumb of the left hand, or in a pair of pliers. Cross strand A under strand B. Grip the two strands between the first finger and thumb of the right hand with the pad of the finger on top of strand A and pad of the thumb under strand B.


2) Whilst holding the loop steady with the left hand, rotate the right wrist clockwise through 90 degrees pressing down on strand A whilst simultaneously pressing up on strand B. The two strands will have taken a half wrap around each other.

This is the basic technique to learn. It is important to recognise that BOTH strands must wrap around each other, rather than one strand merely being wrapped around the other. This provides the great strength of the Haywire twist.

3) Continue to twist, the number of twists depends on the size of wire and the type of fishing. When using no.8 – no.12 wire (approx 100 lb – 200 lb) I recommend six to eight twists. When using heavy wire such as no.19 (400 lb approx) 10 – 12 twists is not too many.


4) To finish the join make four to six tight Barrel wraps around the main strand. When using heavy wire use eight to ten wraps. Don’t worry if your buddies kid you about being so thorough, let them lose fish through poor preparation, it won’t happen to you.

Don’t try to cut the tag end off, it will always leave a sharp end to cut an unwary wireman, break it off using the following technique. Make a bend in the tag end so that the end points away from the main strand at 90 degrees. Use this bend as a crank handle, like the starting handle on an old car, to twist the wire right around. It will break off cleanly, usually before you have made a full rotation.

Always remember to test all knots before fishing

Good Fishing!

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