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Monster Rigging a Mann’s Giganticus G50+

The Mann’s G50+ is the deepest diving lure available. Mann’s claim that at 4 Miles per hour with 200 feet of 80 Pounds test line out it will dive to a depth of 50 feet, even deeper on lighter line or superbraid.

This makes it a useful addition to any offshore arsenal for those days when fish are holding deep. Tuna, wahoo, marlin and sharks will all hit it but the Mustad double hooks supplied as standard aren’t strong enough for tackling the real big guys. Here’s how to rig the Giganticus to tackle anything that swims.



First remove the standard double hooks, these can always be refitted if the lure is to be used for “lighter” fishing. Like this it also makes a great teaser when trolling for billfish or tuna but it’s best to run it on a short wire leader to save your 70 Dollar lure if a passing mako takes a fancy to it.

Big game trolling plug

Thread two sleeves onto the cable and bend back about 4” of cable through the sleeves. Adjust the first sleeve to make a loop about 3⁄4” long and crimp in place. Trim the total length of the return in the cable to 31⁄4”, slide the second sleeve so that it just covers the cut end of the cable and crimp this into place.

Do the same at the other end of the cable but before making the loop slide the swivel and the steel ring onto the cable. Make sure that both crimped loops are aligned in the same plane before crimping the sleeves into position.

How to rig a trolling plug for wahoo

You should now have a cable harness 10” in length with a plain crimped loop at one end and a crimped loop with a swivel and a ring at the other. Now we can assemble our rig.

4) When the twists are completely wrapped, make a half-hitch around the right leg of the loop Using two of the shackles link one hook to the end loop of the harness so that the hook rides point up and link the second hook to the welded steel ring so that it rides point down.and pull tight. This will prevent the knot unraveling temporarily and allow you to proceed to the next step.

Stronger hooks on trolling plug
How to rig a trolling plug for shark fishing

Select the monster towing bracket provided with the lure.

To attach the harness to the lure push the towing bracket up through the lip of the lure and attach either a monofilament or cable leader.

How to a Rig trolling plug

Link the lower hole on the Monster bracket to the unused eye of the Crane swivel with the first shackle.

Hold the harness along the underside of the lure and note that the double cable between the first two sleeves lines up with the original hook attachment eye on the belly of the lure. Push this up over the eye with one wire on each side of the eye to keep the harness in a central position along the lure.

How to rig a trolling plug for tuna
How to rig a Manns Trolling plug

The Stretch 50 has moulded in lugs to allow location of rubber bands to secure the the harness to the lure, however I prefer to use light copper wire or monofilament to secure the harness to the two original attachment eyes on the lure. Whichever you choose should break away on the strike allowing the lure to slide away up the leader.

Now tighten the three shackles with pliers, double check your crimping, sharpen your hooks and go trolling.

Always remember to test all knots before fishing

Good Fishing!

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