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The Anequim shark trolling lure is a traditional style designed for slow trolling for sharks with a whole rigged deadbait or a strip bait. The Anequim features a solid chrome plated head and our special UV enhanced trolling skirts for long lasting shark appeal. At an ideal shark trolling speed of 1 – 4 Knots the Anequim will swim at a depth of 20 – 50 Feet, far deeper than most lures or baits. Supplied unrigged or Magnum rigged with 10 Feet (3 Metres) of 480 Lb wire and two removeable 9/0 Maruto Big game hooks. Fish it with a single hook, two hooks or remove the hooks altogether and use as a deep running teaser for bait and switch fishing.

Pick one of our proven fish catching colours or choose your own skirt combination from our range of UV enhanced trolling skirts.

Mako, porbeagle and thresher sharks will eagerly take a trolled shark lure but blue sharks don’t seem to, so if you’re bored with blue sharks try trolling. Why not try trolling back down the chum slick at the end of the fishing day?

Not just sharks but big tuna, marlin, kingfish and mahi mahi will all eat the Anequim. Cover the water column with surface and deep lures and watch your catch rate climb.

Made in the UK

Length:  10 1/2″   (260 mm)

Weight:  16 Ounces  (450 Gram)

Custom colours available

Spike’s tip:  Try running the Anequim from the outriggers if your boat has them. It won’t run as deep but the rolling of the boat will cause the lure to continually change depth which can trigger a strike from a hungry predator.


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