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Our British Big Game Fishing Guide

There’s nothing more exhilarated then setting off on a trip in the hunt of big game. 

Seeing the ripple of the water as you approach a big catch is why many people love fishing just as much as we do. There is a common misconception about big game fishing though, and that is that it can only be done in places far away from our British shores.

While some of the most famous hotspots for big game belong in America, the Bahamas, and Australia, there is still a scene in Britain. 

Here at leadertec, we love big game fishing, and that’s why we’ve created this guide on how you can enjoy it right here in the UK.

bluefin tuna

Where to Fish For Big Game in Britain

Big game aren’t as rare as you would think in British waters.

While the UK doesn’t have the same reputation as some other countries, it is beginning to showcase it’s big game prowess. 

Only in 2020, a thresher shark weighing over 300lbs was caught just off the coast in North Wales.

Thresher sharks may be a rare find in UK waters, but there is some big game fish that appear regularly, such as bluefin tuna that has shown a resurgence around Britain in recent years.

So, where are the best places to catch big game fish in Britain?

Well, If you’re looking to catch shark, then Milford, just off West Wales, is famous for being a great place to spot these fish.

If you’re looking to catch some tuna, then off the coast of Cornwall is a great spot to go.

The Pembrokshire coast is also a great spot for tuna, with the biggest ever on record (over 900lbs!) being caught this year.

In the past, some huge tuna have been caught on the Eastern side of the country as well, with Scarborough and Whitby showcasing huge catches.

Which Big Game Can You Catch?

There is a wide variety of big game fish currently swimming in British waters.

Some of the more commonly caught species are sharks. Blue sharks are regularly caught off the UK coast and can weigh up to a whopping 250lbs. Other types of sharks spotted in UK waters are topes, porbeagles, smooth-hounds and the aforementioned thresher.

Some other fish you can expect to spot when fishing are bluefin tuna, which can weigh huge amounts and have been spotted frequently in recent years.

There is also a wide variety of flat-bodied fish that can be caught such as skates and rays.

With this abundance of big game fish right here in our waters, British big game fishing is now becoming more prevalent in the worldwide scene.

One thing to remember is that some of these species may be endangered and therefore must be treated carefully before being released back in the water, so if you’re preparing for a day out on the water, it’s always a good idea to do some research before going for a big catch!

Big Game Fishing Equipment

When big game fishing, you need the right equipment to make sure you have the best chance of reeling in a huge catch.

The first thing you need to be sure of is that your equipment is durable, high-quality, and tough enough to put up a good fight against a heavy fish.

All of our equipment at Leadertec is tried and tested against big game fish, so you can be sure that it will be powerful enough to reel one in.

The same applies for hooks. These need to be strong enough to get a good grip on the big game fish without coming loose or snapping under the pressure. Something like our Bristow big game hook or our Eagle Claw hook are ideal.

Of course, your knots also have to be top level to ensure the hook stays on your line without any movement.

Remember, these fish may be thrashing and the chase may last hours, so you need something that is built for last.

Why not check out our big game fishing tips and techniques to find out more?

Whether you’re attracting your fish through bait or lures, you need something that will not buckle under pressure. These baits will be put under a lot of strain so they need to stay strong and also be bright and attractive for the fish you are hunting.

We have a wide variety of big game trolling lures, bait droppers, and bait sliders that are tailor-made for catching larger fish.

Finally you must ensure your reel is strong, and won’t break when under huge pressure. partner this with some tough leader such as our pro rigger big game leader monofilament, and you’re good to go and catch some British big game fish.


Always remember to test all of your equipment before fishing.

Good Fishing!

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