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We are often asked about the difference between the different Mustad circle hooks that we sell and which are the best circle hooks so here’s a quick description of the different models. From top left in a clockwise direction.

1. Starting at the top left of the picture is a Mustad 39960DT in size 16/0 with Mustad’s patented Duratin plating. These have a standard wire thickness and are essentially a commercial longline circle hook. The size stated by Mustad is larger than the others on this page so bear it in mind when ordering. They’re a good hook and many, many thousands of marlin and tuna have been caught on them by sport anglers and commercial fishermen. The largest blue marlin that we know of being caught by a sport angler using this hook is around 1100 lb (500 Kg) on a size 20/0..

2. At the top right is a Mustad 39948BN-NP Demon circle size 12/0. This has a protective black nickel finish and a chemically sharpened point (hence NP for needle point). This is a fairly fine wire hook, excellent for live and dead bait fishing for sailfish, white marlin, striped marlin, small to medium blue marlin and bluefin tuna. It has excellent penetration at lower drag pressures which makes it very suitable for light to medium tackle.

3. At bottom right is the Mustad 39950BN-NP Demon circle 3X size 12/0. As the name suggests it’s a 3X times strong hook due to the heavier wire from which it’s formed which can clearly be seen in the picture. This is a very strong hook available in sizes up to 16/0 (equivalent to a 39960DT size 20/0) suitable for big sharks, blue and black marlin, big yellowfin tuna and giant bluefin tuna.

4. The hook at bottom left is a Mustad 39943BN-NP Demon circle 4X size 12/0. With an extra short shank and made from even heavier wire this is 4X times strong and is a real beast. This hook is suitable for the biggest sharks, blue and black marlin and giant bluefin tuna. It has a very slight offset bend which gives a great hook up ratio but does mean that this hook isn’t approved by the Billfish Foundation for tournament use.

Feel free to ask if you need more explanation of Mustad circle hooks or any of our other products.

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