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£529.99 Incl. UK VAT (VAT Free outside UK)

If you’re in the market for a high end rod for bluefin tuna, marlin or even big sharks we may well have what you need. We have just 4 Okuma PCH Custom Trolling Rods fresh from California. These aren’t the regular Makaira trolling rods that are too long and too stiff for stand up fishing. These are the US style PCH-TRS-561MH 5′ 6″ 60 – 130 lb with short straight carbon fibre butts and ALPS RX Roller guides designed for stand up fishing for BIG fish. The slim blank has incredible power and makes them very light to handle. These are really beautiful rods, there isn’t a better factory stand up rod on the market. Team it with the Okuma Makaira MK-50WII 2 speed reel and 130 lb hollowcore braid for a top set up for UK bluefin tuna.

and here’s what Okuma say about them…………
The new PCH Custom Trolling Rods are all designed with durable 24-ton carbon and E-Glass constructed rod blanks. With the design help of several Southern California big game fishermen, these rods were designed for just that…Big Game.
The rod blanks and components on the PCH Trolling rods are well thought out and top-notch. The blanks all feature Okuma’s 3K-woven carbon outer blank wrap which improves hoop strength and durability. Each rod wears ALPS RX series roller guides with 316-stainless steel rollers. A unique feature of the PCH Trolling rods is the proprietary detachable curved or straight woven carbon fibre butt section which lightens the rod over standard aluminium butts. This carbon butt section matches up nicely with the machined aluminium, double-locking reel seat. Tapered shrink tube foregrips offer maximum durability and comfort.


  • Durable 24-ton carbon and E-Glass constructed rod blanks
  • 3K-woven carbon outer blank wrap improves hoop strength
  • ALPS RX series roller guides with 316 stainless steel rollers.
  • Proprietary woven carbon fibre straight butt section.
  • Detachable butt section with machined aluminium reel seats
  • Tapered shrink tube foregrips offer maximum durability.
  • PCH Trolling rods are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
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