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Big Game fishing is worlds apart from different types of angling. Compared to many conventional fishing styles, big game fishing is more akin to a form of hunting.

In the UK, many people’s idea of fishing is sitting by a lake waiting for a carp to take interest. This might be the biased opinion of Captain Spike, but Big Game Fishing is an active sport rather than a waiting game. The thrill of the chase, on the open sea, trying to tame elusive beasts. 

The main issue with getting into Big Game Fishing, is that people are often intimidated by the amount needed to learn the sport. In all honesty, with a good captain at the helm of your charter, a largely inexperienced angler could take on some rather large fish. 

It is common to go hunting for Blue Marlin, Tuna, Sailfish, and Sharks. Taking you around the world to some rather wild and exotic spots. 

Where could Big Game Fishing take me?

Big Game Fishing used to be a rich man’s sport, but over the past 40 years, the world seems to have gotten smaller and smaller. With transport links becoming cheaper, many of the overhead costs for the sport have been reduced massively. This has allowed the sport to flourish in its popularity. 

One of the draws of the sport is the availability to see it as a holiday. Many of the best fishing spots are also some of the most beautiful holiday destinations. Pretty handy that isn’t it? I’m sure you could convince a significant other to come along whilst you pop out to catch some big game. While they are sipping a Mojito on the beach, you could be battling a marlin miles out to sea, or if you’re lucky enough, they may even join you for the battle!

Let’s start close to home

Around the UK, there are plenty of opportunities for Tuna fishing. In the past few years, Bluefin tuna on the south west coast have become far more prevalent. Tuna hadn’t been seen in our waters for many years, until they returned due to rising sea temperatures increasing their food supply. Have a look at one of my recent blogs on their arrival. South West England and West Ireland are your best bets for decent Big Game Fishing in the UK, Penzance has recently become a bit of a hotspot.

Going fishing closer to home has some advantages, obviously affordability is the main one. Also you can rest assured in the comfort of being in the UK if you’re not feeling too adventurous. The main drawback is the weather. Sure, you might be used to the strapping, freezing cold winds, but wouldn’t you rather be in a warm climate with blue water?

Hotter destinations 

Madeira, Florida, Mexico, Kenya, Australia, and the Canary Islands are all popular destinations for Big Game fishing and can make great family holiday destinations too. 

Madeira / Canary Islands / Azores – 

If you want to catch a grander marlin, going to either of these archipelago islands off of Portugal / West Africa is a good choice. Currently, there are 22 world records held for different species in the Azores. You’ll see turtles, dolphins and whales if you’re lucky, all in the setting of stunning volcanic mountain ranges. If you decide to go chasing sharks, be sure to take a look at our blog on choosing the best fishing wire.

Cairns, Australia – 

Famous for the Great Barrier Reef, this destination is renowned as the world’s best black marlin fishing location. For those brave enough for the challenge, you’ll want to head there between September and December, to take on fish that can swim at 130 km/h, and could weigh over 600 kg. 

Key West, Florida –

This spot is one that the family definitely won’t mind following you to. With great facilities for holidaying, your significant other can be pampered whilst you charter to find some monsters. Key West as a community are obsessed with fishing, and the waters surrounding them. You will find yourself in good company here, with like minded people. The fishing isn’t limited by season, so you’ll be sure to catch something at any time of year.  

I hope this helps you to persuade your wife where the next family holiday should be! 

Good fishing


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